An unordered and completely incomplete selection of contemporary websites notable for their radical design, both formally and editorially. Editorialization under consideration; for the moment, just a random list.

Websites [en]

Access to is determined by climate and ecological data at server site in realtime.

Austin Wade Smith

Other Office

Other Office [en]

Other Office is the design practice of Simon Sweeney and Shauna Buckley. We make identities, websites, installations and printed matter. [en] is a space to observe and recognize the small rituals that have helped get us through our days and kept us looking forward to the next.



How do recent technological developments empower makers to generate new creative avenues?

Vera van de Seyp

Schemas of Uncertainty

Schemas of Uncertainty

Schemas of Uncertainty is a research project on the relation between prediction and prescription within current socio-political structures.

Ben West Callum Copley Danae Io

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the html review

the html review [en]

The HTML review is an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web

Maxwell Neely-Cohen Shelby Wilson


Grid [en]

An experimental text editor. Change grid size and text direction to create weird and expressive layouts.


Désordre [fr]

Désordre, site conçu et réalisé par Philippe De Jonckheere et Julien Kirch, dans lequel la question des grandes théories de l’information ne …

Philippe De Jonckheere

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BrutalWiki, un moteur de wiki basé sur les principes de « design brutaliste », par Felix Pleşoianu, auteur de Web matters .

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Fruitful School

Fruitful School [en] is an independently-run learning initiative for making ‘fruitful websites’ founded in 2020 by Laurel Schwulst and John …

Laurel Schwulst

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